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It is then being assertive with this clarity to find the areas—often small—where changes are possible. Set boundaries at work, home and socially that serve you. Work out how you replenish your energy. Do you need more time alone? With others that support you? More time to be you without having to be in a role boss, wife, mother, girlfriend etc.


This can most easily be accessed through diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness and meditation. Small, sustainable changes in your week that you put in your diary can have a powerful short and long-term effect on how you manage the inevitable ups and downs. Again, adding in moments where you access the parasympathetic nervous system rest and digest regularly throughout your week can help manage your stress levels throughout the day and the week. This might be a 10 minute meditation before or after a big meeting, 5 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing after a challenging experience with a colleague, or engaging in a mindfulness exercise before you get home so you can leave your day in the office.

Basically, I often schedule in mental health maintenance when working with a client.

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We look at their week and see where we can create spaces of well-being management. At Daye, we believe understanding your baseline is the foundation of a healthy life. CBT suggests it is not life events that shape us, but our particular way of experiencing these events. This experience is filtered through our beliefs.

This is where you can begin to be your own psychologist, your own scientist and an observer of self. This observer position means you are taken out of a purely experiencing mode into a more analytical mode. This gives you the ability to question those beliefs in order to open up your experience of the world, self and others. It also gives you a baseline of who you are, why you experience certain events in certain ways and what you might bring to your relationships with others.

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Knowledge of self potentially gives us more choices over our reactions rather than just reacting. You are actually the most informed expert on your experience of being with your body and your mind.

This is invaluable information that can create a sense of autonomy, clarity and hope. It is this baseline of understanding that is almost the foundation of how to access the right resources for you to sustain a sense of well-being. However, inviting more wellbeing into your life involves considering both the short and long-term in order to be sustainable and create the biggest impact. In saying this, the current culture of fast, now, and quickly provides us with instant gratification. Sustainable wellbeing, resilience and emotional sustainability come through a gentle and thoughtful consistency of tending behaviours.

They come through making these things not only desirable, but the foundations from which we live and therefore, a major priority. They are created slowly [and] with consistency. They are a process rather than a destination. This is going to mean vastly different things to different people.

In saying this, more generally, being flexible is important—creating a mindset that can be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being human means we have a range of emotions, experiences and challenges throughout our lifespan. Sustainability is not the absence of challenging emotions and experiences, it is being able to integrate them into our total experience of ourselves, the world and others.

‘Burnout’ is a thing, doctors say. Here are the symptoms - National |

Do you have any absolute don'ts? Operating from a purely external locus of control. This means all our decision making is affected by others and our external environment opposed to our internal needs and wants. It is a sure path to burnout if you are living a life that is not your own. Seldom do leaders realize the fact that burnout is the reason why their team is not performing well. So, how can you come to the conclusion that your team is going through a situation like the one mentioned above? Here are the signs that might help -.

The first sign of burnout is when every day starts to turn out into a bad one. Missed deadlines. Delayed plans.

Sleepless? Stressed? Anxious? Exhausted?

Lost opportunities. Every single day! All these are a clear sign that your team is not focussed enough. And the biggest reason for it could be because they are really not in a condition to focus on work as their fuel cells are already drained. It gives goosebumps to work in a team that is ready to tackle all the challenges head-on.

Your team was also like one during the past few projects. But, what happened now? No one really cares whether you achieved a milestone today.

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  4. Or, you are going to get another new project with some exciting opportunities. Maybe he could do better. Discussions at work between team members are fine.

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    But, when those discussions start to convert into yelling sessions, it is a sign of clear cut burnout. Because team members are losing their patience. They are not in a condition to discuss work. All they want is to get the project to be over and done with. And, you cannot expect to achieve greatness with such an attitude. Lower turnaround. Sick leaves. You need to handle this issue in a serious manner, because it is going to impact your your business. After all, it is the human resources that make the team.

    When they are no longer in a condition to work you cannot think about running a sustainable business. Everyone in the team starts to pack their bags 10 minutes before the office timing.

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    And leaves the premise as soon as the clock strikes 6. These were just a few of the common signs you might observe in the team to figure out whether they are also suffering from the burnout fever. If they do, then it is time to change your approach towards work.