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Be Active - Walk yourself happy! Select health topics and conditions by letter, explore popular topics or browse content by body part. Is it really an emergency? For minor illness and injury, consider the best health care option for you before visiting an Emergency Department and keep Emergency Departments for those who need it most.

Our public health services and hospitals, meeting the health care needs of local communities across South Australia. National Health Services Directory. Use the National Health Services Directory to find the services nearest you. Evidence based best practice resources for South Australian clinicians and health care workers including clinical plans, policies and guidelines.

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Notifiable disease reporting. When and how to notify SA Health of cases including deaths suspected of having or diagnosed with notifiable conditions. This is your choice. Often it is a good idea to see a doctor as soon as possible to make sure you are OK and to talk about any concerns you have about your health. That depends on the service you want. That depends on what your concerns are and what you want to have happen. A doctor can provide you with:. If you are thinking about reporting to the police, the doctor can collect evidence for the police with your consent you can find more information under 'Forensic medical examination '.

It is important that this done soon as possible. The following information is about seeing a doctor or nurse at Yarrow Place, and the sorts of things they might talk with you about. The doctor or nurse will talk with you about your health concerns. The doctor or nurse will ask you if you want to be examined and talk with you about the examination. You will need to give consent for the examination, and may need to sign a consent form.

In South Australia, you can give consent and sign the consent form yourself when you are 16 years and older. A lot of people who have been raped or sexually assaulted will have no injuries as a result of the assault.

Some people will have injuries such as bruises, scratches and grazes. A small number of people will have serious injuries that need to be treated in hospital. Bruising, aches, pain and stiffness may be more noticeable in the first few days after the assault. Treatment: Serious injuries such as broken bones and head injuries need to be assessed and treated in the Emergency Department at your local hospital. For less serious injuries such as bruises and abrasions, simple pain killers such as paracetamol may help.

If you have concerns please speak to a Yarrow Place worker. For bruises and other soft tissue injuries, ice packs covered by a towel , and resting, bandaging and elevating the injured area can be helpful. Abrasions should be kept clean and dry. If you have not recently had at tetanus vaccination, please see the doctor to organise a booster shot. Warm baths or showers can help ease general muscle aches and pains.

Please be aware that forensic evidence which can be collected to help the police investigate the assault, can be lost if you shower or bath before you have the evidence collected. Please note: New bruises may appear after you have been examined by the doctor or nurse. If this happens and you are taking or thinking about legal action, you should contact the doctor or nurse to organise documentation of these injuries. Injuries to this area can cause soreness, pain, bleeding or stinging when going to the toilet.

What are Body Memories? Kati Morton discusses PTSD, Assault, choking, being attacked & Body Memories

These injuries generally heal quickly but new or heavier bleeding, abdominal pain or any other worrying symptoms need to be checked by a doctor. Treatment: Ice packs and firm padding can ease soreness. A small covered ice pack can be placed between a sanitary pad and the sore area. It should only be left in place until the ice has melted, for about 10 to 15 minutes and then removed. Anal injuries can be helped with ice-packs as above, salt baths, taking Coloxyl mg at night to help prevent constipation, drinking 2 litres of fluid a day and using a numbing gel before opening your bowels.

Some people experience pain or tenderness when having sex after the assault. You may find that talking to your partner about your concerns, taking it slowly and using a lubricating gel may make it more comfortable. Sexual assault can occur in the context of domestic violence. Information for women and men who are in a domestic violence situation can be found via:. The Office for Women in South Australia has developed the Family Safety Framework which provides assessment tools that can be used by your doctor and a referral procedure to fortnightly safety meetings which can improve your safety:.

Strangulation is potentially a very serious injury that should be evaluated by a doctor.

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Pregnant women should also go to the hospital to check on the baby. Please be aware that you can experience delayed onset of symptoms after being strangled.

Everything You Need to Know About Healing from Rape Trauma (Need to Know Library)

These are usually within 72 hours so it is best if you can be in a supported environment at least up to this time. For women, if you were not using contraception at the time of the rape, you may want to take the Emergency Contraceptive Pill. This will reduce your risk of pregnancy.

You can get the Emergency Contraceptive Pill from the chemist without a script. It is also available from Yarrow Place. There are now 2 different types of Emergency Contraceptive Pill.

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  7. Talk to the chemist or Yarrow Place doctor or nurse to see which pill would be best for you. The Emergency Contraceptive Pill works best when taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex but can be taken, depending on the pill recommended for you, up to 3 or 5 days after the unprotected sex. The Emergency Contraceptive Pill is generally well tolerated but can sometimes cause nausea or vomiting. If vomiting occurs within 2 to 3 hours of taking the tablet s , the medication will need to be taken again.

    Less common side effects are abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, headache, breast tenderness and dizziness.

    If Your Child Is Raped

    Even though the Emergency Contraceptive Pill is effective at preventing pregnancy, it is important to have a follow up pregnancy test to be sure. Talk to your doctor if your next period is lighter than normal or is late or if you have any symptoms of pregnancy or pain in the lower abdomen. If you are pregnant at the time of the assault you may be worried about your baby. It is unlikely that your baby will have been harmed but you can ask the doctor to check that your baby is OK.

    If you have any bleeding or abdominal pain it is very important to see your doctor. If you are pregnant as a result of a rape, please see your doctor or phone Yarrow Place to discuss the options you have in relation to the pregnancy. Many people who have been sexually assaulted are concerned about sexually transmitted infections STIs.

    In South Australia getting an infection after a sexual assault is uncommon, however it is still important to check. Testing for sexually transmitted infections can be done in the first few days after an assault called baseline testing. Testing at this time generally shows whether or not you had an infection before the sexual assault. It is not necessary to have testing at this time but some people want baseline tests taken. Infections that the doctor or nurse might test for are chlamydia, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, syphilis and vaginal infections such as thrush.

    GLNH 1. CHILD Are you doing research? See the Research section. Please choose a topic:. Training Manuals. Research Subjects. Are you in crisis now? The effects of rape as well as available treatments. Effects of Rape. The rape survivor community is made up of a diverse population including:. How can you help? Please select a topic from the menu. Cite this resource.

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    This website is not intended to replace medical, psychiatric or legal care. Please seek professional attention as needed. The information provided is not intended to replace obtaining medical evaluations and health care advice from qualified health care providers. This site's owners are providing information for reference only, and do not intend said Information to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions, or for any other purposes. Persons accessing any information of the rape crisis information web site, directly or indirectly, assume full responsibility for the use of the Information and understand and agree that the author of rape crisis information is not responsible or liable for any claim, loss, or damage arising from the use of said information.

    Evacuation routes and Katrina information. Victim Assistance resources The first thing you should know if you were raped or sexually assaulted is that it was not your fault. Espanol For emergency crisis and suicide hotlines click here. Research Are you doing research?