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However, no matter how accurate we simulate, we find that every simulation is going to diverge from reality to some degree. The transmission paths of radio waves always change in response to various conditions. Since wireless devices are always on the move within recent wireless communication, there are striking changes in wave propagation. It's true that simulations are theoretical, based on systematic calculations, so we use them first as an index and we afterward adjust our approach to the project based on the incremental differences between the surveyed data and the simulation.

No matter how precisely we define our parameters, it's inevitable that differences will arise between the simulation and the actual values; we find that it's not a reflection on the accuracy of the software.

Radio-frequency engineering

Actually, we learned about Wireless InSite several years ago when we were still in Operations department.. KKE Vision is held with a strong central theme every year, and even in the fields with which we were involved, this was an excellent opportunity to get a sense of technological trends, of new research, and of projects involving communication from other fields.

More than participants attend the event to hear the presentations that will be made by renowned professors and specialists. At this annual event, both customers and those in the field of science alike, come together in the spirit of cultural exchange to share recent research results, introduce examples of technological solutions, and more. In , we transferred to our current research center that overlooks our entire company.

From the discussions we had within our firm and the trend of wireless communication today, we found problem points and issues necessary to address. We wondered if there were any good software packages that could meet our needs, and so we started our search. We decided to select the software based on two points, its speed of calculation and its ability to support any communication system. If you're dealing with wireless LANs only, there are a variety of products that can suit your needs.

However, we needed software that would allow us to take a look at wave propagation regardless of system or frequency band, which made Wireless InSite a strong contender. Therefore, we carefully considered the explanations given of each and tried out the demonstration versions before purchase.


The other software was designed for wide outdoor areas or for exacting research calculations, so we discounted those. In our business, we encounter a lot of cases where we question, "How can we get the quality we want, and under what kind of conditions will that be? So it is necessary to run simulations repeatedly and constantly change the parameters. Therefore, we placed a great emphasis on obtaining software that could offer quick results in a short period of time, rather than a package that offered extremely precise results but took a long time to calculate.

Radio wave propagation : an introduction for the non-specialist

In addition, mobile devices are used while on the go, and under different conditions each time. Thus, we need to obtain a benchmark for our measurements with as little processing as possible, rather than painstakingly grinding out the parameters and calculations of every scenario. Therefore, we chose Wireless InSite.

When we use the results from Wireless InSite in our reports, we're really thrilled with how we can make documents that can be understood at a glance. When we show them to other staff members, they light up and say, "Ohhh! Also, it's a simulator that can be used to any communication system and produce good results.

We are able to use Wireless InSite to study wavebands we hadn't previously handled.

The quick processing speed, ease of use, easy integration of results into reports, and the low cost for the functionality you get make Wireless InSite extremely good value for us. Also, while it can handle routine calculations, the software can also process complex calculations if necessary, so there are many more scenarios in which we can use the software in the future. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. This work treats the essential elements of radio wave propagation without requiring recourse to advanced electromagnetic concepts and equations.

However, it provides sufficient detail to allow those concerned with wireless systems to acquire quickly a practical working knowledge of the important concepts. Radio wave propagation is placed in a practical context by considering the design aspects of communications systems at microwave frequencies.

A fuller consideration of the electromagnetic properties of materials is given late in the book rather than as an introductory chapter.

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