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Term A broad guideline set by top management or the board of directors in a corporation and intended to influence managers' approaches to problem solving and to recurring situations is called a n :. Term The goals of communication include all of the following except:.

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Definition to let associates implement all of their ideas. Term Which of the following is not a guideline for email business etiquette? Definition Using email to handle sensitive issues can help diffuse emotions. Term In choosing computer graphics to show information in the form of tables or charts, a supervisor is selecting a:. Definition medium. Term Asking a receiver to restate a message is a form of:.

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Definition feedback. Term Which of the following is a common barrier to communication? Term An effective listener must be able to:. Definition identify key elements. Term The best way to communicate a message is:.

Definition will vary according to conditions. Term Good listening skills are absolutely critical for supervisors because it helps them:. Term Supervisors should deal with the grapevine by:. Definition tuning in to messages to counter misinformation. Term Research indicates that the most time in communication activities at work is spent:. Definition listening. Term Listening skills can be improved by techniques such as the following except:. Definition preparing points for your rebuttal. Term One way to help you prepare written messages is to outline their content before you write them.

Term One way to engage in feedback is to ask questions. Term If the receiver doesn't initiate feedback, the transmitter should do so. Term Improper timing can be a barrier to communication if the receiver is upset, agitated, or improperly prepared to communicate.

Term Human relations involve:.

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Term The goals of good human relations include:. Term Establishing strong relationships with staff specialists:. Term When comparing middle managers to supervisors, middle managers:. Definition spend less time with their subordinates. Term You can help build your boss's confidence in you through all of the following except:. Definition holding on to your position on an issue regardless of arguments made by others. Term The following are identified as typical antecedents to conflict except:.

Definition greater homogeneity in the workforce.

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Term Destructive conflict:. Definition may lead to retaliation and detracts from workplace morale. Term The approach of dealing with conflict by ignoring or denying the situation is:. Definition avoiding. Term The compromise approach to conflict resolution tends to bring about short-term solutions because:. Definition not all of the underlying needs of the parties are met. Term The approach to conflict resolution in which parties work to satisfy their own need as well as those of the party is called:.

Definition collaborating. Term Loyalty to one's boss demands that one do what can be done to prevent the boss from making a mistake. Term Supervisors should make themselves indispensable to their bosses. Term As a spokesperson, you will carry messages for others both upward and downward. Term To be effective in a counselor's role, a supervisor must practice empathetic listening skills. Term Human motivation:. Definition is an internal process. Term Maslow's hierarchy of human needs states that:. Definition needs are both physiological and psychological.

Term Which of the following factors relate to Herzberg's motivation theory? Definition maintenance and motivation. Term According to Maslow, the highest level of human need is:.


Definition self-realization. Term According to Herzberg, which of the following has the ability to give people job satisfaction? Definition recognition for achievement. Term D. McClelland has identified three important needs that commonly serve to motivate employees; they include:. Definition achievement, power, and affiliation. Term The expectancy theory tells supervisors to:. Definition ask workers to perform only those tasks they understand and feel capable of performing. Term The theory of motivation that works with punishments and rewards is called:.

Definition reinforcement theory. Term Goal setting has a motivational impact because:. Definition challenging goals energize and encourage workers to apply knowledge. Productivity and quality go together. Efforts to improve both must never end. Efforts to improve one must also act to improve the other.

Term The maintenance factors identified by Herzberg include:. Term 1. Term The drive within us to achieve a goal is known as 1. Term According to Fiedler's contingency model of leadership, the two main factors critical to an organization's effectiveness are:.

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Definition the leader and the situation. Term Fiedler's contingency model states that leaders are primarily motivated by:.

Definition their tasks or their interpersonal relationships with followers. Term Which statement about leadership traits is true?